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Research Resources

Anybody can do corporate research, but to become skilled at it takes years of experience and deep knowledge about corporate practices and governance structures. Here are some of the top websites used by union researchers in their campaigns to investigate corporations violating workers' rights.

  • Corporate Accountability Organizations and Websites
    These organizations and websites offer a distinct critique of corporate power and provide information and resources supporting their views.
  • Corporate Finance, Governance and Operations Research
    Dig in to find out everything from company ownership, financing and executive compensation to where they have facilities, employees and pay—or don't pay—taxes.
  • Individuals and Insiders
    How much did that CEO make? Who sold their stock before the price went down? Research the actions and incentives of specific people in corporate leadership.
  • Political Campaign and Nonprofit Finances
    Use these resources to investigate the campaign contributions of a specific individual, or the industry and individual backing going to a specific candidate. Also, research who backs that organization running political TV ads in your community.
  • Legal
    Court records often say a lot about company behavior. Use these resources to do research on what a corporation has been—or is being—sued for and other legal tips.

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